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Well, we hoped that Liverpool’s visit to Wembley to play Tottenham would be a cracker, and we weren’t disappointed, with a frenetic game delivering five goals, some sumptuous attacking play and – at times – some comedy defending.

Here are five thoughts from Sunday’s clash:

On current form, Harry Kane is the best striker in world football

It might sound like an obvious statement, but it’s worth reminding people that just a few short years ago, Kane was a player with no realistic prospect of getting in the Spurs team, let alone setting the league alight with a ludicrous number of goals.

He’s the top scorer in the Premier League, he scores goals with his left foot, right foot and head, from close range and from long distance and he works incredibly hard when he doesn’t have the ball.

And as we saw today, he’s got an incredible delivery on him too – his pinpoint pass for Son’s goal was a delight.

The question on everyone’s lips is very simple: how long can Spurs keep hold of him for? I don’t know the answer here, but if they keep playing like they did today, then I don’t see why they can’t keep him for some time to come, because they’ve got to be in the running for the league title after this game.

Liverpool’s defence is an actual embarrassment

Liverpool are such a frustrating team to watch, because going forward, they’ve got players who can really hurt the opposition. Firmino, Salah and Coutinho are all class acts, and when they’re on song, they’re a joy to watch.

There is a ‘but’ though. And it’s a big one.

Their defence is a total shambles, and they should actually be ashamed at their inability to defend in big games like the one on Sunday.

Kane’s opener was an example of a rush of blood to the head from Simon Mignolet; the second from Son an example of a stupid, impetuous charge forward from Dejan Lovren, the third from Alli an example of failing to clear your lines after a set-piece, and the fourth from Kane another example of exactly the same thing.

You cannot defend like that in the Premier League and expect to win matches, it is as simple as that, and if Jurgen Klopp isn’t able to rectify the situation, he will have to go, end of story.

Hugo Lloris is a fine goalkeeper (with the occasional error in him)

Spurs’ miserly defence means that often we perhaps don’t appreciate how skilful Hugo Lloris is, but this game was a reminder that not only have Spurs got a very strong ten men out on the pitch, the one between the sticks is equally strong.

That being said, Liverpool’s goal was his fault – the Frenchman has still got the ability to make the occasional gaffe, which always keeps things interesting.

Wembley woes look completely gone

When one considers the swashbuckling way in which Spurs dismantled Liverpool, they could be forgiven for completely forgetting that Tottenham ever had a problem playing at Wembley.

This result is significant, as it signifies Spurs’ ability to play big games with Wembley as their home; a fact that’ll only increase in importance as the season progresses.

Tottenham are title contenders, Liverpool are not

In summary, Spurs rose to this occasion in a way that Jurgen Klopp’s side didn’t. There was only one side on the pitch capable of winning the title, and it wasn’t the Reds. It still seems like a difficult summit for Tottenham to achieve, especially given the form that Man City are in, but it’s not an insurmountable one.

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