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‘Tiger Tim’ belatedly sacked by Villa

So, ‘Tiger Tim’ Sherwood has finally been given his marching orders at Aston Villa after losing six games on the bounce to solidify a truly wretched start to this season.

The question is: did anyone really expect anything else?

As I said at the time, Tim Sherwood had ZERO credentials for the Aston Villa job.

After an unconvincing spell at Spurs, during which the ex-Blackburn captain told every man and his dog how good he was, Sherwood was unceremoniously let go by Daniel Levy for one simple reason – the gulf between how good the manager thought he was and how good he actually was exceptionally wide.

What was more bizarre than Sherwood being given the Tottenham job in the first place was that the manager seemed to have a plethora of offers once he left White Hart Lane.

After reportedly turning down West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace, it appeared that Sherwood had his pick of job opportunities; something which can largely be attributed to the way that media manipulated Sherwood’s efforts at Spurs to make it seem like he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Finally, after a number of months out of the game, Sherwood was given the gig at Villa. To anyone who gave this appointment any thought whatsoever, it had disaster written all over it.

A maverick manager, with very little tactical acumen, no experience and a ‘let’s just have a go boys’ attitude was given the job at a side that has been flirting with relegation for the last five years. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately for Villa fans, everything.

Whilst Sherwood’s bluster was no doubt a factor in Villa surviving the drop-zone, once he was tasked with managing a proper side, doing a proper pre-season and having proper objectives, his bluster became an embarrassment.

Sherwood has presided over loss after loss this term, and time and time again the same smug, cocky man has waltzed into press conferences, his unerring confidence in his own ability more than a little out of place given the poor results.

And now, time has run out for the Arsenal fan who once uttered the immortal line, “You cut me and I bleed blue and white”.

I don’t blame Sherwood. He was always woefully underqualified for the job, and I’m sure, if he was in charge of selecting a manager, he’d never have chosen someone with as little experience as himself.

No, I blame the Aston Villa hierarchy for yet another awful appointment. It’s clear that Randy Lerner has been keen to sell for some time, but given the way that his team has deteriorated in the last few years, it may be wiser for him to concentrate on improving the team by actually investing in players and management before it becomes a realistic sellable option.

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