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As Tottenham swept to their sixth consecutive Premier League win at White Hart Lane on Saturday afternoon, it was difficult not to conclude that this Tottenham side is, if not the best side in the league, pretty damn close to it.

Okay, so it was Watford – a good side, relatively recently promoted who lie in midtable – rather than another title challenger, but nevertheless, the manner of their win was incredibly impressive.

After a frustrating first 30 minutes, Spurs went up a gear, with Dele Alli netting a beautiful curler from outside the area.

With the deadlock broken, the floodgates started to open, and Spurs continued to open Watford up, emerging as 4-0 victors.

But what was most instructive about this result is that it was not a one-off.

Spurs have consistently destroyed teams in the lower reaches of the table as well as some of the mid table teams too.

Back in February, they hit four past Stoke.

In January they finished with the same scoreline against West Brom.

In December, they scored four away at Southampton and hit five at home to Swansea.

You get the point. When this Spurs team wins a game, they win it comprehensively.

Even looking at the games against their big rivals gives us the same conclusion.

Both Man City and Chelsea were beaten 2-0, with neither side looking likely to trouble the Tottenham goal line.

Make no mistake – this Spurs side is not a fly by night, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ operation.

They are here to stay.

In fact, one could argue that they are the best side in the league right now.

Chelsea keep winning too, of course, but consider what the situation would be if:

a) Chelsea had had European football to contend with and
b) If Spurs hadn’t had an iffy patch of form that coincided with Harry Kane’s early season injury
Things would be a lot closer.

Now just to be clear, I think Chelsea will go on to win the title and rightly so, they have been consistently the best side in the division for the entire duration of the season.

But are they a better side than Tottenham?

I’m not so sure.

One thing is certain though: if Spurs retain their manager and the spine of their team, they’ll be back again next season.

They haven’t ‘done a Leicester’.

They were close to winning it last year, and they’ll be close again this year.

If they can keep their best players and add to their squad, they’ll be there or thereabouts next season too.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that next season they’ll start as second favourites.

I guess my point is this:

What we aren’t seeing at Tottenham is some sort of aberration, some sort of blip.

What we’re seeing is a dynasty being built, and if the creator of that ruler sticks around, it could be the prevailing one for some years to come.

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