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Scintillating City keeps title race alive

Every single week it feels like there’s an amazingly exciting new development in the Premier League. This week, it was Man City proving that although pretty much all and sundry have written them off as title candidates, there’s certainly still some mileage in this title race yet.

Obviously it helped that Chelsea stuttered to a draw with Burnley, but if you watched City’s 5-0 thrashing of Newcastle on Saturday, then you’d have seen City at their finest. In fairness, the Magpies were wretched, but they were made to look decidedly more amateurish by the incredible performance from the team in sky blue. City are turning up when it counts.

What made City’s victory such a joy to watch was the superb synergy demonstrated by every single player on the field. From Vincent Kompany in central defence, to Yaya Toure as the swashbuckling central midfielder to David Silva as the advanced playmaker, City played like a real team, and in fact, it’s not much of a stretch to say that this one was of the great team performances of the season. It certainly was far too much for Newcastle.

The question now is: can City build upon this performance, and deliver the same level for the rest of the season? It is a question that can only be answered with games, but it is tremendously important one. Because with Chelsea failing to press home their superiority against Burnley, Mourinho’s side missed a crucial opportunity to stay ahead of their title rivals. Should that happen another couple of times, City could well take advantage.

On the face of it, City don’t have too many tough matches left – in the league at least. Next Sunday, Pellegrini’s men will travel to Anfield, April 12th will see them hosted by rivals Man Utd, whilst their last genuinely difficult test will be at White Hart Lane on May 2nd. Win all three of those games, and City would be in a great position.

Chelsea have three similarly ‘big fixtures’ left, so it must be said that the league is still theirs to lose. But after a choke against Burnley, who’s to say whether or not they’ve got the staying power to last the distance?

One thing is for sure: City’s incredible performance has made things really, really interesting. Not only was the football fantastic to watch, but it demonstrated the clear hunger of Pellegrini’s men. I could be wrong, but I reckon this one’ll go right to the wire.

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