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Pochettino doesn’t need United

Most people are in agreement – Louis van Gaal’s unlikely to last at Manchester United beyond the summer.

Whilst there’s still a decent chance for the Red Devils to finish in the top four, I think we’re all agreed – the Dutchman’s not the man to take them forward.

Despite his talk of ‘philosophy’, United have served up dull-as-dishwater football this season, and it seems that most of us in the footballing community now agree that van Gaal’s time is up.

The question is: who will replace him?

There have been a number of names mooted; Ryan Giggs and Pep Guardiola being two of the most prominent ones, but in the last week or so, a new candidate has emerged:

Mauricio Pochettino.

The Spurs boss is doing a sterling job at White Hart Lane after an equally impressive tenure at Southampton, and there are now more than a few people suggesting that the Argentine may be the right man to take over at Old Trafford.

Whilst I think you can make a valid case for Pochettino being the right man for United, I think it’s much harder to make a case for United being the right club for Pochettino.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re clearly a massive club. But, to be honest, that’s where the appeal ends.

All United have got is a name, a ludicrously overpaid and expensive squad and no clue. That’s the honest truth.

It’s now been close to three years since Ferguson flew the nest, and since then, a whole load of the best and most influential United players have moved on.


They’ve struggled consistently since then, and their struggles show no sign of abating.

Aside from the prestige, and most likely the salary, why would United be a good destination for Pochettino?

He’d be under a huge amount of pressure to deliver, he’d have to deal with massive egos and if he didn’t immediately improve the side, the press would be calling for his head.

Contrast that to his situation at Spurs. He’s got a fantastic young squad, no huge superstars, but a whole load of very talented players. The board seem to have bought into what he wants to achieve, and he’s gradually instilling his philosophy into the club.

This year, Spurs have a fantastic chance to cement themselves in the top four, and if they manage to do that, then Pochettino will be able to attract a new level of player. They’ve just had a new stadium approved which will bring them significantly more revenue. In essence, he’s at a club on the up.

I could be wrong, but my money wouldn’t be on Pochettino moving on – he’s got too much of a good thing happening at White Hart Lane. In the past United would have been a ‘must say yes’ proposition. Not anymore.

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