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As the Premier League season drew to a close, the worst kept secret of the year was announced: Arsene Wenger was to stay at Arsenal, signing a new two-year deal.

At the time I commented that this was the wrong move for Arsenal, and would spell another two years in the doldrums. I still stand by that position.

However, one thing seems to be happening that I never thought would when Wenger announced that he was staying: it seems that Mesut Ozil will also ink an extension at Arsenal.

This is yet to be confirmed, but the gossip on the grapevine is that the German midfielder will put pen to paper on a deal worth £280,000 a week, committing himself to the Emirates for another three or four years.

Great news for Wenger, great news for Arsenal fans. Not great news for Ozil.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’ll find the money something of a consolation, but the reality is that Ozil is highly unlikely to win anything substantial at Arsenal.

For a start, the Gunners aren’t even in the Champions League, while they are currently so far behind the top three that the league seems a long way off too.

I know this, most football fans know this and to be honest, I’d be surprised if Ozil didn’t know it too.

And that’s the big thing that will be revealed if and when Ozil signs a new deal: he is not a man of ambition.

In truth, we could have gleaned this from the fact that he moved from Real Madrid to Arsenal in the first place – going from one of the best clubs in the world to the fourth- or fifth-best in England indicates that you’re not particularly concerned about being the best.

But to sign a new deal at Arsenal, when they are so far away from winning trophies? It either indicates a lack of ambition, or a lack of awareness.

Either way, signing a new deal will ensure that Ozil ends his career as a forgettable World Cup winner, rather than one of the best players of his era.

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