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Who does Eden Hazard want to win the Premier League?

I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Tottenham Hotspur.

The Belgian was interviewed following Chelsea’s 4-1 over Bournemouth on Saturday, a match in which Hazard scored his first two goals of the season.

And when asked about his club’s upcoming game with Tottenham, he told Match of the Day, “The fans, the club, the players, we don’t want Tottenham to win the Premier League. We hope for Leicester because they deserve to be champions this season.”

Now, Hazard is entitled like or dislike whichever club he wants; although if he’d said something similar before Chelsea playing Leicester then there may have been more scrutiny attached to it.

But is this really a sensible comment to make?

Martin Keown made it very clear that he didn’t think so: “The Tottenham players are probably listening to that right now and it’s goading them.”

Which it will be. Imagine being close to a potential title and being told by a player who has nothing to do with the title race that they don’t want you to win. Would that demotivate you?  Or make you even more determined to prove that player wrong?

And as Shola Ameobi pointed out, it really has nothing to do with Hazard.

“It’s been a tough year for Hazard, so for him to come out with a comment like that is unbelievable really. Surely he should be focusing on what he can do for Chelsea,” Ameobi said.

Ameobi’s words are sage. Hazard has been exceptionally poor this season, and would have done well not to court more media attention with an inflammatory comment of this nature. He should be focusing on what he can do for his club, and ignoring the title race that his club is a long, long way from being part of.

Not only will his comments only serve to motivate Tottenham players, they just appear to be deflecting from the fact that he and his teammates have performed well below par this season and played a significant role in a manager that brought them a title being sacked.

Trouble is, everyone knows. Everyone knows how poor Hazard has been.

The word on the street is that the Belgian is looking to move on, but even with his two goals on Saturday, it’s hard to see a team playing top dollar for a player who has not only been exceptionally ordinary this season, but appears to have a propensity to make controversial, ill-advised comments in the press.

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