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So people have been very upset about Jose Mourinho’s treatment of Bastian Schweinsteiger over the last few days.

Apparently, the ‘Special One’ has decided that the German is not part of his plans at Old Trafford, and consequently Schweinsteiger is now training with the United under-23 squad ahead of a potential move away from Manchester.

And the press – particularly the German media – have really gone to town on it, saying that Mourinho haS “humiliated” the midfielder and “degraded” him on his birthday.

Which, to be frank, is a bit over the top.

If Mourinho has decided that he doesn’t want Schweinsteiger playing for the club next season, then he has no real reason to keep him training with his first team squad.

In fact, you could argue that it would be less helpful to have a player who definitely isn’t part of your plans in your training session.

What Mourinho has done is make a big and difficult decision. Which is exactly what David Moyes and Louis van Gaal were incapable of doing.

Both accepted Ryan Giggs as an influential coach within the setup, even though they probably would have preferred their own team.

Both pandered to Wayne Rooney, with Moyes giving him a new contract and van Gaal making him captain, despite his powers quite clearly having waned considerably.

In short, Mourinho has done more ‘Ferguson-like’ things since he started six weeks ago than his two predecessors did in their entire tenures.

Football is a business. Mourinho has a job. His job is to make Manchester United the best possible club he can. If he felt that a key part of doing that was moving Schweinsteiger on, then that’s his prerogative, and not something that he should be criticised for.

Schweinsteiger isn’t the only player that Mourinho has decided not to include in his plans, and the German’s fan club should not be so precious about what they consider to be a slight. In truth, the German really hasn’t performed for United, and has not taken his fitness seriously, jetting off in pursuit of his tennis player wife for several months last season whilst injured rather than concentrating on his rehab.

He doesn’t seem like a Mourinho-type player, and the Portuguese’s actions confirm that fact. It doesn’t make Mourinho a bad man, it makes him a pragmatist.

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