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Apparently Roy Hodgson is going to take Jack Wilshere to the Euros this summer.

It may well be hearsay, it might be gossip, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that if it’s true, Roy should be ashamed of himself.

This is the same Jack Wilshere who – prior to Arsenal’s visit to Man City on Sunday – has only played six minutes of Premier League football this season.

And Roy Hodgson is going to pick him in a squad of just 23 players to represent England at a major football tournament.

In case you’re wondering, this decision is madness for at least a couple of reasons:

  • Wilshere is severely injury prone.

The fact that the Arsenal midfielder has only played six minutes in the league so far is a pretty decent indicator – Wilshere struggles to stay fit.

I’m not blaming the midfielder for that, but what I am saying is that he is a massive risk in such a small squad. If he gets injured early on in the tournament, England will ostensibly be a man down, and few would be surprised if that came to pass.

  • Wilshere hasn’t even come close to proving himself this year

It’s important to consider what sort of message the selection of Wilshere would send to the rest of the England candidates, especially the midfielder who misses out for the Arsenal man.

Wilshere quite simply hasn’t had enough game time this year to justify his place in the England squad. No one knows whether he’s playing well, because he’s not been playing.

When you select a side for a major tournament you want all of your players to be fit and firing. You want them to be in-form and battle-hardened. Think what an asset Jamie Vardy will be in France, having just won the title, broken a record and bagged a heck of a lot of goals. That momentum and that confidence is invaluable.

Wilshere will have none of that. All he’ll have is the faith from a manager who knows that he is capable of playing well. He won’t be match fit, and he certainly won’t be at the top of his game.

But worst of all, the selection of Wilshere would be a kick in the teeth for players who’ve grafted all season. Players who’ve worked hard, trained hard and played hard; impressing all the while. Why should Wilshere get in the squad ahead of them?

Roy’s done some stupid things as England boss, but this would be one of the most stupid. Let’s hope it is hearsay.

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