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High time Harry waved Loftus goodbye

As Harry Redknapp presided over another win that left his Queens Park Rangers side in 19th, it was hard not to think that the inevitable could be about to happen.

Despite spending a more than tidy sum over the last few years, Rangers appear to be headed for the drop again, with one common denominator linking this season and the last time they were relegated – the manager, Harry Redknapp.

For whatever reason, Redknapp has been accustomed to frankly embarrassingly partisan treatment from the British media over the last few years, and it seems that so far this season, his chums in the press have done a very good job at papering over the significant cracks in what has been a disastrous season so far.

In truth, when Redknapp took over at Loftus Road in 2012 it seemed slightly odd that the manager escaped further scrutiny after taking his side down, having spent significant sums in the January transfer window. But given his exploits at Spurs, most fans were willing to buy into the suggestion that all old ’Arry needed was time.

Time has gone on, and things have got no better.

After almost failing to be promoted with one of the most expensive Championship teams in history, Redknapp’s side have looked listless, uninspiring and totally incapable of winning away from home.

Having won five games in 22, drawn four and lost 13, something simply has to give.

What is most bizarre about the whole sorry QPR situation at present is that Redknapp himself refuses to admit that he is under any sort of pressure.

After his side lost at home to Manchester United, the former Spurs boss had the gall to tell the BBC that he feels his side has “done ever so well this year”, and the reality is that this comments are not only completely untrue, but downright insulting to the Rangers fans who quite rightly expect better from a side who don’t seem capable of doing anything of note on the road.

Whilst one may have expected Rangers to lose to United, the defeat now leaves them a long way from safety. The big question for Tony Fernandes is: what next?

Either he backs Redknapp and puts all his eggs in one basket or he starts afresh. After witnessing the effect that Alan Pardew has had on relegation rivals Crystal Palace, there is a good chance that Fernandes may look to create the same galvanising effect by bringing in a new boss.

At least by bringing a new man in, Fernandes would be giving his club a chance. Because as things stands, that’s one thing they definitely don’t have.


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