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Last week we touched on the fact that Spurs haven’t signed anyone so far this summer.

Unlike their title rivals, Tottenham have failed to add to their squad during the off-season, with right-back Kyle Walker the only first-teamer to bid adieu to North London.

And whilst it’s not clear whether Spurs are close to signing any prospects, one thing seems to be clear: no one else is leaving.

The reality is that Spurs possess plenty of players that a lot of the top European clubs would love to have, but it seems that Daniel Levy is not countenancing the sale of any of them.

And according to a recent interview given by star striker Harry Kane, that’s absolutely fine.

Kane spoke to The Sun this week and said:

“Football for me isn’t about money. I’m at Tottenham because I love this club and I see it going in the right direction. I feel we are one of the best teams in England and Europe, so I’m excited for the future ahead.

Everyone knows I’m a Spurs fan and that’s where I want to be for the foreseeable future. I have a great relationship with the manager and the fans. At the end of the season I expect us to be up there fighting for that title again and hopefully we can turn some of our ambition into wins.”

Pretty conclusive, right? Harry Kane is not for sale, nor does he want to leave the club.

Now, depending on how cynical you are, you may wish to take Kane’s words here with a pinch of salt, but if the young striker is to be believed, he is surely one of the game’s more loyal individuals?

There is absolutely no doubt that Harry Kane is hot property.

He’s won the Golden Boot in both of the last two seasons.

He’s first choice striker for the team that finished second last year.

He leads the line for England.

In short, Kane is one of Europe’s most desired strikers, and if he wanted to, he could quite clearly agitate for a move away.

The striker’s pay packet is less than half Romelu Lukaku’s, and yet we’ve seen no “leaked” stories to the press about how Kane “wants away”.

All he’s done is pledged his loyalty to Spurs and expressed his excitement for the season to come.

Should Spurs fail to win a trophy this season, we may see Kane’s loyalty tested more acutely, but for now, I’ll ask the question: is he the only loyal footballer left?

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