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As you’ve probably seen by now Harry Kane grabbed another two goals on Saturday as Tottenham secured three points away at West Ham.

The first was an absolutely beauty; a perfect, angled header from a pinpoint Dele Alli cross, and the second a lesson in control, with Kane getting over the ball and rolling some heavy topsin into an empty net.

The first may have been more spectacular, but it was the second one that drew oohs and aahs from the Sky Sports pundits, who were all quick to make it clear that what Kane had managed to do was anything but easy.

I guess the thing that stops Kane’s exploits from generating the same level of headlines every week is that everyone just expects it now.

The reality is that Kane has been at the top of his game for the last three years, and he only appears to be getting better.

And let’s be clear: Kane is not a “work in progress” like a Dele Alli. He is the finished article, already, and at the age of 24, that’s absolutely remarkable.

My question is simple: how much better can he get?

It has been quite some time since England have had a player of this quality; probably since the time when Wayne Rooney burst onto the scene.

And in 2007, when Rooney was part of an attacking triumvirate at Manchester United that swept all and sundry away, the question was: can Rooney keep stepping up?

Can he go from one of the Premier League’s best to one of the world’s best? Can he match Ronaldo and Messi?

The reality is that Rooney couldn’t. That season – alongside Tevez and Ronaldo – was probably his best, although he scored more goals in other seasons.

But can Kane? I really don’t see why not.

His finishing is astonishing, but his hold-up play and work-rate are equally impressive, and he is incredibly well-rounded – he can score with both feet, with his head, from four yards out or from 24 yards out.

Would he look out of place at a Manchester United, or a Real Madrid? I don’t think so.

In fact, when you consider who the best strikers in the world are, he’d certainly be in most people’s top 10, if not their top five.

If Kane can get better – which he has been doing every year since he burst onto the scene – then there’s no reason why he can’t get into the Bale and Neymar bracket, and if he can get there, then why can’t he challenge Ronaldo or Messi? The sky really is the limit for the local Tottenham lad.

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