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In case you’re not aware of the utter nonsense spouted by Paul Ince in the past, let me give you a summary:

Ince thinks that he’s a really good manager, but he doesn’t get interviews at clubs because he is black. It’s a view he’s expressed numerous times, and in my view is utterly false.

The reason Ince doesn’t get interviews at clubs is because when he has been given an opportunity at a ‘big’ club, he has done a spectacularly bad job. Whilst his time in charge of Macclesfield and MK Dons was pretty fruitful, Ince’s list of failures is much more extensive:

He was awful at Blackburn Rovers…

Poor at his second spell at MK Dons…

Dire at Notts County…

Worse than average at Blackpool…

You get the point. One swallow does not a summer make, and just because Ince did well at MK Dons back in 2008 does not mean that he automatically should be given interviews for the top jobs.

Paul doesn’t see it that way though. He’s been in the press again this week, throwing his hat in the ring for the Wolverhampton Wanderers position, and has already stated that he doesn’t believe he’ll get the job, something he thinks is unfair.

“It’s not about the money. It’s a case of having a young British manager who wants a chance in this country,” Ince told The Sun.
“The facts are there and, if you look at my CV, most people would be baffled that I’m not working.
“I know I’m a good manager. I have a 42 percent win ratio, which is not bad considering the clubs I’ve gone to have not given me a penny to spend.
“I’ve had offers from abroad but I can do that when I’m older. I’ve learnt so much it would be rude of me not to give that to another team in England.”

As you can see, Ince has rather a different view of his managerial career than the reality, and his latest play for the Wolves job knows no bounds.

The question is: why would an established Championship club, a club struggling for form and a club that want to ensure their continued Championship status, ever opt for Paul Ince over the other options available?

Sam Allardyce is current favourite for the position; ethics notwithstanding, does Ince really think he’s a better option than the proven ‘Big Sam’?

On the basis of the former West Ham stalwart’s comments, it would appear so.

So, for what it’s worth Paul – here’s what I think:

You were a fantastic footballer. But you’re not a good manager. You were disastrous at your biggest opportunity, Blackburn, when the players thought you archaic and draconian.

The reason you don’t get interviews is because you’ve failed at your last four jobs. Simple as that.

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