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Four thoughts from Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool

Okay, stuff just got serious. Chelsea lost their sixth league game of the campaign on Saturday, at home to Liverpool, and their latest embarrassment saw them solidify their place in 15th – a full 14 points from the top of the league and ten off the top four.

Aside from more woe at Chelsea, what were the main talking points from the game at Stamford Bridge?

Mourinho surely now on borrowed time


Okay, so I said aside from the woe at Chelsea, but the fact of the matter is that we simply can’t ignore such a catastrophic start. Following a League Cup exit during the week – which realistically could have been their only chance of silverware – Chelsea rocked up to their home turf and were quite simply outplayed. The superior possession and shots on and off target tell the story here really – Liverpool dominated Chelsea, and the two goal cushion is representative of that.

The question is: where do Chelsea go from here? It’s now at the point (if it hasn’t already gone past that point) where something drastic needs to happen. It might be a change of manager, it might be a significant change of tactics, but something needs to be done; and fast. Whatever the man may think, Mourinho’s job is no longer safe. It can’t be.

Something must surely have gone wrong behind the scenes….


Title-winning teams don’t get this bad over night – it feels like something must have gone very sour behind the scenes for the Chelsea players to put in consistently poor performances like this. Have players and coach fallen out? Manager and board? There quite simply must be an explanation; whether we’ll find out remains to be seen.

Klopp factor starting to show through


When Jurgen Klopp was given the job at Anfield, there were plenty of people (quite rightly) preaching patience. The reality is that the German has been handed something of a hospital pass at Liverpool, and the true measure of his managerial ability will not be this year, but rather in subsequent years when he has had time to mould the team into one in his own image.

That being said, Saturday was a good performance. The Klopp pressing was prevalent, and the facts are that Liverpool simply overwhelmed Chelsea. Klopp’s teams will work very, very hard, and against the Blues, we saw a team hungrier, fitter and more determined. Liverpool fans will be heartened by this performance, and so they should be.

Watch this space…


Back to Mourinho. The Portuguese manager said again that he feels he will be given time to turn this around, but with every defeat, it seems more and more likely that his position will soon become untenable. Victories at home to Kiev and away to Stoke are now vital if the Special One wants to remain in charge, simple as that.

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