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Call me sad, but I follow a few footballers on Instagram.

That list includes the newest Man City recruit, Kyle Walker.

As you’ll know, Walker’s made the move up north from London to the Etihad, and becomes the next puzzle piece in Pep Guardiola’s question for Premier League domination.

The move will be worth around £50 million to Tottenham, but Guardiola is getting what he believes his side needs: an attacking fullback capable of playing as part of a fluid offensive team.

Spurs get a huge fee for the player, who had lost his first team place towards the end of last season; money that the can spend on new recruits.

And Walker gets a new challenge, closer to his roots and a huge pay increase.

But on Instagram, he’s a “snake” and “everything that’s wrong with modern football”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that football fans are tribal. I get that you don’t want your best players to leave.

But sometimes, you’ve just got to hold your hands up and say that this is a good deal all round.

Spurs have got themselves a huge fee, City have got the player they wanted and Walker has got a life-changing pay-rise.

And we should never discount that. Football is a job, and when you think about it like that, the idea of a footballer changing jobs because of a 100% pay increase seems not just fair enough, but sensible.

Let’s also be clear: it isn’t like Walker has done anyone a disservice here.

He’s served Spurs well for several years, he hasn’t acted out, he hasn’t refused to play.

He’s gone about his business quietly and with honour, and the time was right to move on.

There’s been no “Sol Campbell” moment here, where Campbell lied to the fans and the media about where he was going, and made promises he was unable to keep.

Instead, this is an honest player, making an honest decision that benefits himself and his family. Rather than vilified he should be wished well and waved off with fondness.

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