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If you missed it, Alvaro Morata joined Chelsea last week in a deal worth £65 million – a club record.

But just a few weeks ago, it seemed certain that Morata was on his way to Manchester, not Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho and United had been pursuing the Spanish striker for much of the summer until about two weeks ago, when they broke off negotiations and promptly signed Romelu Lukaku instead.

Ironically, all of the talk up until that point had been about Lukaku heading back to the bridge, with Chelsea and Manchester United effectively swapping their interests, Lukaku signing for United, and Morata for Chelsea.

I know which signing I’d be happier about.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the massive risk United would have been taking by signing Morata, and it’s no different for Chelsea.

You see, Morata seems like a good prospect, but the reality is that no one knows whether or not the fee the Blues have paid for him will be a waste or a wise investment.

The striker has not been first choice at Madrid, and will now be tasked with leading the line of the Premier League Champions.

Diego Costa’s departure seems imminent, and the loss of the Brazilian-turned-Spaniard will see Morata thrust into the limelight.

Can he cope with that?

Time will tell, but until then we must question the wisdom of Chelsea making such a substantial investment for a player who has failed to establish himself in the Real Madrid starting line-up.

Just to be clear, I’m well aware of Madrid’s stellar stars, and I’m well aware that even the Premier League’s top players would struggle to get into the starting eleven, but my point here is that Chelsea should be looking to kick on now.

They’ve won two leagues in three years, and were pretty comfortable in victory last season. Now’s the time to conquer Europe, which means being better than the Barcelonas and Real Madrids of this world.

Is signing their cast-offs the way to do it?

Is signing the player that Manchester United – the team who finished sixth last season – decided not to buy really the way to go?

No one can answer this just yet, but to me, Chelsea have taken a big risk here, and only time will tell whether it’s a gamble that’ll pay off.

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