Tuesday 20 March 2018 / 07:01 AM

Messi amazes … on Japanese TV

Lionel Messi might be embroiled in club controversy with Barcelona but that hasn’t kept him from wowing us elsewhere.


Bizarrely, the latest frontier the little star has conquered is Japanese game shows.

Messi was challenged to loop a ball over a beam raised 18 metres high in the air, then exhibits supreme skill on the other side to not let it bounce. Reckon he succeeded?

You all knew the answer to that.

The Argentine is currently the subject of transfer speculation linking him with a move to the EPL, following a fallout with Barca coach Luis Enrique.

Soon enough someone at the club will stumble across the video, be reminded of what they have and move on to giving Messi whatever he wants.

[Messi TheBoss]

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