Friday 19 January 2018 / 02:35 PM

Marseille boss Bisela sits on cup of coffee

Unlike some other sporting codes, football managers almost exclusively position themselves on the sideline during matches…which leaves them vulnerable to having any slip-up or meltdown beamed around the world and replayed endlessly on TV, or on the web via videos, GIFs, Vines and memes.

Marseille boss Marcelo Bisela joined the ranks of the embarrassing sideline gaffe victims on the weekend, sitting down on a cup of coffee that was unhelpfully placed on one of his team’s drinks cases.

Nicknamed ‘El Loco’ for his meticulous attention to detail, the annoyed Bisela’s comical reaction provided sports news programmers with blooper reel fodder for the next week or so.

It wasn’t all bad for the hapless Bisela, however – the former coach of the Argentina and Chile national sides enjoyed a 2-0 win by his Marseille charges over Ligue 1 rivals Toulouse. 


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