Saturday 20 January 2018 / 08:12 PM

Goat interrupts Greek football match

A horny intruder disrupted a recent football match on the Greek Island of Crete, with a goat stopping the game on two occasions while players, trainers and supporters removed him from the pitch.

One of the teams’ goalkeepers bravely took it upon himself to get the goat off the field, before another player and a trainer dragged the stubborn beast to the sidelines.

The goat made another cameo at the picturesque venue – striding onto the field before taking an interest in the aforementioned goalkeeper’s water bottle – but a member of the crowd dutifully hauled him away. 


The Kri-kri is a feral goat that is almost exclusively found on Crete and is currently endangered; interrupting sports fixtures is unlikely to help their cause. 


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