Saturday 24 February 2018 / 07:08 PM

Worst TMO decision, ever!

The much-maligned NRL video referees regularly come up with mind-boggling howlers, while rugby union’s TMOs generally manage to stay out of the limelight as far as bad decisions are concerned.

But this was one instance where the 15-a-side video man had an out-and-out shocker.

In a recent NRC match between the Sydney Stars and North Harbour Rays, the on-field official referred a messy ruck on the Rays’ try-line to the third official. The footage clearly shows a North Harbour player placing the ball back on his own line for clearance – but the TMO incredibly sent back confirmation of a Sydney try to the whistle-blower, mistaking the Rays forward for a Stars player.


Relive the first ‘own try’ scored in rugby history:

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