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Super Rugby’s new model and how it works

If you are a rugby fan, you would be abreast of the contentious news that SANZAR will be expanding the Super Rugby competition in 2016.

You will also know that a sixth South African team, an Argentinian team and a Japanese team have been approved by SANZAR to fill the three new slots, bringing the total number of franchises to 18.

The model proposed by SANZAR for the new-look Super Rugby competition is complicated and tricky to understand.

The people behind The Future of Super Rugby have compiled a video which best shows how this model works – while still being incredibly confusing.

They have also put forward their own alternative which would see a Pacific Islands team be included instead of an Asian team and a much simpler model used.

The inclusion of a Pacific Islands team in 2016 is out of the question, however.

The Japan Rugby Football Union has already been approved by SANZAR to have a franchise included in the Super Rugby Competition.

While the acceptance of a Japanese team has raised some doubts, which are echoed in this video.

On-field ability and getting bums on seats are two of the major talking points.

SANZAR, however, see Japan as a high-growth, high-potential sports and economic market. They are set to host the Rugby World Cup in 2019, which will no doubt boost the game’s presence and popularity.

This in mind, SANZAR are unlikely to backflip on their decision to approve a Japanese Super Rugby team, leaving the door shut on a Pacific Islands team – for now.

As far as the competition set-up is concerned, The Future of Super Rugby’s model is the way to go.

It’s much simpler, easier to understand and makes more sense.

Towards the end of the season, fans pull out the calculators to see whether their teams could make the finals. If SANZAR’s original model is approved, fans will need to be creating formulas with a multitude of factors involved to see if their team can qualify for the knockout stage of the season.



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