Wednesday 24 January 2018 / 02:55 PM

Reds & St George Bank renew partnership

On the eve of the St.George Queensland Reds Annual Gala Ball, Queensland Rugby (QRU) and St.George Bank announced their commitment to renew their partnership for a further three year term.

St.George is about to embark on its second three year term as naming rights sponsor with the Queensland Reds, and General Manager for St.George Retail Bank, Andy Fell, said there is such a strong alignment of values, aspirations and commitment to the community between the two organisations, that a second term of sponsorship was obvious and logical to the bank.

“The QRU not only has the largest member base in the Rugby world but also has an unwavering commitment to growing the game through its grassroots programing.

“We have the greatest respect for the Reds, Queensland Rugby and Jim Carmichael’s vision, not just to grow rugby’s visibility and participation in Queensland but for their grassroots commitment to the community which allows our partnership to work in the right ways, for the good of the community.”

Mr Fell said initiatives like the St.George Rookies2Reds programs which have expanded to include 230 Rookies2Reds centres throughout Queensland in 2014, a strong community volunteering program, as well as raising funds and awareness for St. George Foundation were just a few of the projects they are most proud of.

“The staff of both Queensland Rugby and St.George have responded enthusiastically, using their own time and volunteer days, assisting with fundraising for local clubs and schools and working with the Reds to support the Rugby community at every opportunity.”

Queensland Rugby CEO Jim Carmichael said St.George’s further commitment to the Reds and more broadly the code will serve to significantly strengthen Rugby in the state.

“The relationship between the two organisations is mutually rewarding and a real example of what can be achieved when an organisation has the right ‘fit’ with a corporate partner,” he said.

“The unique aspect of this relationship is that there is a true sharing of goals. St.George is wholeheartedly behind our vision to grow participation and visibility in Rugby in Queensland which, since our partnership began six years ago, has gone from strength-to-strength. We now have over 260,000 boys, girls, men and women playing the sport across more than 500 schools and 200 clubs, as well as 20,000 volunteers.

“We’ve also had tremendous support over the last three years from hundreds of St.George staff, who’ve passionately worked side by side with us on game days and in broader community events in order to grow participation.

“Our partnership with St.George has been a defining influence in our sport enjoying such prosperity in Queensland over the last five years.”

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