Monday 22 January 2018 / 07:21 AM

O’Connor forcing Reds to reconsider?

Most people are under the impression that the Queensland Reds and former Wallaby James O’Connor have settled on terms for a two-year contract that will commence in 2015.

The struggling Reds are yet to confirm the agreement, but sources believe it’s a done deal.

If you were James O’Connor, and a Super Rugby return is your goal, what would you do if you were attempting to repair your damaged reputation?


Promote a party and backflip into a pool?


Off-field issues have plagued the 24-year-old’s short career, and just when the Rugby community was open to the idea of seeing O’Connor back in the Super XV, this video emerges.

James is over in France preparing for the upcoming Top 14 Rugby season with Toulon. In the clip he invites people over for a party before “coolly” backflipping into a nearby pool – while sporting a pair of budgie-smugglers.

The video is totally harmless, but of course it’s going to raise some questions. How could it not when all his previous disputes have revolved around alcohol and partying?

There are already rumours that several Queensland players are against his move to the club. With that in mind, it’s an incredibly stupid move by the versatile back; no doubt it will force the Reds to reconsider.


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