Monday 19 March 2018 / 04:14 AM

Highlanders read mean tweets

The Otago Highlanders have just completed their most successful Super Rugby campaign in over a decade, reaching the finals for the first time since 2002 before their gallant 31-27 exit at the hands of the Sharks in Durban on Saturday.

But the Highlanders’ notoriously passionate fans are evidently a hard bunch to please despite their team’s drought-breaking efforts.

In a low-budget version of a segment made famous by Jimmy Kimmel, where celebrities and athletes read mean tweets about themselves on the comedian’s show, the Highlanders have scoured social media and light-heartedly aired some of the vitriol directed their way.

Hayden Parker, Phil Burleigh, Joe Wheeler and co-captain Nasi Manu are among the Otago stars reading out unflattering remarks made about them by ‘supporters’ on Facebook and Twitter.

The franchise’s faithful doesn’t hold back in their assessments of the players – but as anyone who is Facebook friends with a Highlanders fan will know, these are reasonably tame:


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