Thursday 22 March 2018 / 11:03 AM


It’s hard to think that it’s only been just over a year and a half since the ‘no punching’ edict was brought in by the NRL.

The game has become increasingly niggly since punches were outlawed, and the game is starting to suffer.

The niggling tactics were best showcased during the State of Origin series, and by Michael Ennis throughout the year.

The players have the reassurance that their chances of getting hit has diminished to nil – unless the opposing player is happy to get sin-binned.

As it feels like such a long time since fights were more commonplace, we thought for this week’s Throwback Thursday we would have a look at some of the best scraps in Rugby League’s televised history.

The video kicks things off with Josh Dugan vs. Tyrone Roberts. These two lads were at the middle of the biggest fight since the NRL clamped down on fighting last year, becoming the first players to be sin-binned for punching since Origin II, 2013.

Check out the video below to go back to simpler times, when men would settle their differences with a bit of biff.


[YouTube: NZAUTV Rugby League]

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