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Andy from AP7 Montages have produced some of the most inspiring Rugby League montages we’ve seen, and his Darren Lockyer compilation may be the definitive video tribute to the Brisbane, Queensland and Australian champion.

We’re sharing it with you for Throwback Thursday, allowing you to relive the glorious highlights and breathtaking class of ‘Locky’, who retired at the end of 2011.

From his promising rookie year to his latter seasons as a crafty veteran, the montage encompasses a plethora of match-winning plays at club, state and international level.

Lockyer’s peerless playmaking, dazzling running game, brilliant kicking – in general play, off the tee and in field goal range – and oft-overlooked cover defence all come into sharp focus, a reminder of what a champion he truly was.

[YouTube – AP7 Montages]

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