Friday 23 March 2018 / 07:06 PM

Tariq Sims’ late hit on Justin Hodges

Tariq Sims’ late hit on Justin Hodges could spell the end of his season.

Sims’ fate is in the hands of the NRL match review committee after the Cowboys lock flattened Justin Hodges late in their 32-20 win over Brisbane.

The hit left Hodges bloodied, dazed and not willing to shake Tariq’s hand after the game.

No one wants to see a player rubbed out of the finals series, but the Cowboys and Sims will need a bit of luck.

While watching the footage you can see that while Hodges still has the ball, Sims has him lined up and raising his arms to make the tackle.

When the ball leaves Hodges’ hands, Sims drops his arms and tries to spin past him to avoid contact.

Sims has way too much momentum and crashes into the veteran.

The collision resulted in a head clash splitting Hodges above the eye. Either way it was late and an illegal use of the shoulder.

Depending on how you perceive it, it either looks like a big old shoulder charge or a player doing a pathetic job of trying to avoid contact. 


The ruling could go both ways. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if the NRL continues their tough stance on the shoulder charge.

Have a look at the hit below and decide for yourself.


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