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Rocks or diamonds players who just cannot be relied upon.

Jack Wighton (Canberra)

At his best he can be a destructive runner who plays with plenty of courage but fans are far more likely to see him at his worst, which typically involves plenty of dropped balls and some awful decision-making, highlighted by his horrid intercept pass in golden point against the Dragons in 2016.

Mitchell Moses (Parramatta)

There is no player who can dominate more when his team is up by 40 than Moses. But when the games are close he is prone to panic plays – Friday’s winning field goal being a rare exception – and he is a defensive liability.

Jarryd Hayne (Gold Coast)

Everyone knows what a brilliant player Hayne is … when he wants to be. His prickly and precocious attitude, though, means he rarely shows his best, particularly at club level. He decides to coast more often than he does play hard.

Konrad Hurrell (Gold Coast)

There is no dumber player in the premiership than Hurrell. There is no question that he plays hard and with plenty of desire but he has zero game sense and he is constantly spilling the ball when the Titans seem to be at the crossroads.

Joey Leilua (Canberra)

No player let’s his emotions ruin so much talent. Leilua has a unique body and is surprisingly skilful for someone so big but he is a hot-head who can’t control his anger, and when not on top he continually pushes plays that just aren’t on.

Thomas Burgess (South Sydney)

There is no forward in the premiership with worse hands than Burgess, who is never better than a 50/50 proposition of hanging onto the pill when he gets it. Can be a destructive runner some weeks and looks like a statue others.

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