Sunday 21 January 2018 / 09:38 AM

Sims' groin grab on Willie causes global stir

Newcastle tyro Korbin Sims is one of the NRL’s most promising forwards and is in the frame for a Queensland Origin debut in 2015, but with one sly tweak he has attracted more headlines than he is likely to get in his entire career.

Sims’ nonchalant grab at former club-mate Willie Mason’s groin during the Knights’ loss to Manly at Brookvale Oval has caused a worldwide stir, drawing ‘WTF?’ reactions from around the globe – and in the NRL fraternity.

Perhaps even more baffling than Sims’ over-familiar actions was Mason’s lack of reaction to the grope. The veteran also shrugged it off post-match, declaring it nothing more than two mates ‘catching up’.  

The incident produced arguably the best commentary call of the season, with Andrew Voss suggesting Sims could be in trouble for “attacking the head of an opponent”.

Social media has also gone into overdrive in the wake of the bizarre event.

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