Saturday 17 March 2018 / 09:15 PM


Sport took a backseat to the US Presidential results yesterday, and rugby league was no different. Many NRL identities took to social media to offer their outrage, shock, musings and jokes after one of the greatest upsets in modern political history.

Wendell Sailor was one of the most forthright from the rugby league community to denounce Donald Trump’s shock win.

Fox Sports stalwart Andy Raymond summed up the early feeling when Trump started to come from the clouds.

Everyone wants ‘Gus’ Gould’s opinion, whether it’s about rugby league or not – but one Twitter user suggested a former Penrith prop might’ve been a better Democrat candidate.

Warriors captain Ryan Hoffman was a little disturbed by the outcome.

Nate Myles was enjoying the social media banter though…

Meanwhile, Vossy had more important matters at hand as the world awoke to its first day with Trump at the helm.

Great Britain legend Martin Offiah reckons the streak of voting boilovers might spill into the reality TV world.

Brisbane Broncos icon Steve Renouf had a pertinent question from left-field:

Ex-Big League editor Fiona Bollen, now with the Daily Telegraph, was looking at former PM Tony Abbott through rose-tinted glasses all of a sudden.

Bollen’s Big League successor, Maria Tsialis, was thinking locally in the wake of the global shock.

Dylan Napa probably should stick to hit-ups and bell-ringers.

Rugby League Week’s The Mole could have timed his off-season trip a little better…

Joel Reddy had a more circumspect outlook on the stunning result.

Bryan Fletcher took the matter seriously as always…

Veteran rugby league scribe Steve Mascord made perhaps the most intelligent observation we’ve seen, though.

But as always, the great Scott Minto had his fair share of support…

We’ll leave the last word to Sydney Morning Herald’s Brad Walter – couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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