Wednesday 21 March 2018 / 02:46 AM

Referee cam wins Innovation Prize

In a year full of shocking refereeing calls and lengthy video referee decisions, the officials have been part of one positive innovation this year – ‘Ref Cam’.

Ref Cam was a great addition to the televised coverage. It allowed punters, not only an up-close look at discussions between referees and players, but some great views inside scrums, open play and tries being scored.

Fans got the sense that they were part of the action and gave us access to a previously untapped resource.

The enterprising idea has led to Fox Sports’ Gary Burns being awarded the Innovation Prize at the Sportel Golden Podium awards in Monaco.

According to Sportel Monaco’s website, the Innovation Prize “rewards a sequence that makes the headlines and shows an outstanding innovation in its production, image, format, or other”.

That is something the advent of Ref Cam no doubt did throughout the NRL season.

Check out some of the best Ref Cam moments of 2014 in the video below.


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