Friday 23 March 2018 / 07:45 PM

Ray Hadley angrily calls Triple M Grill Team

The Ray Hadley–Mike Carlton feud lives on following Hadley’s remarks over Woolworths’ “racist” singlet.

The feud was set back in motion when Channel Nine commentator and radio personality Hadley was discussing the singlet on his radio show and Carlton decided to comment on the discussion via Twitter.

Hadley returned serve with a scathing assessment of Carlton.

“It’s defamatory to call someone a grub but I think in this instance I could perhaps prove to a court that he is a grub,” Hadley told listeners.

“It is a low dog act by a low dog man. Carlton, you are a dog, a low dog of the lowest order.

“No wonder Fairfax sacked you, no wonder you can’t get a job anywhere you low dog. I’ve had a gutful of your sort of nonsense. How dare you describe me as a wife beater.”

Hadley goes on to call out Carlton to have a chat with him in person and that he will put one on his chin.

Not one’s to let sleeping dogs lie, the Triple M Grill Team pieced together a sound-bite to make it sound as if Hadley’s rant was aimed at the Grill Team’s Gus Worland.

The sound-bite prompted Hadley, installed as Nine’s next-best NRL commentator behind Ray Warren, to ring in to Triple M after he received angry emails from Worland’s fans.

“What are you dickheads doing to me?” Hadley asked.

“I’ve had abusive emails for the past three days and I couldn’t figure it out.”

“Why are you giving it to Gus it said, Gus is a nice bloke, he’s lost all this weight, you know, he’s a fantastic achiever.”

I think the Grill Team would have been keen to propose a charity boxing match between Hadley and Carlton – but considering their fiery banter to date, the fight would get too dirty.


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