Monday 19 March 2018 / 07:55 PM

Obstruction Rule changed

In the wake of the heavy media scrutiny surrounding the current obstruction rule, the NRL’s General Manager of Football Operations, Nathan McGuirk, has finally given in and decided to modify the law.

The revised rule will give Video Referees more control to determine the severity of contact made on the impeded player, and whether or not that contact altered the actual scoring of the try.

The NRL released this statement:

“The Video Referees can determine the significance of contact initiated by the attacking player (who does not have the ball) in impeding a defender’s involvement in a try-scoring play.”

“It simply provides the Video Referee with the discretion to rule on the significance of any contact by a block runner and ensure that tries that would have been fairly scored will be awarded.”

The new rule will be in effect this weekend.

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