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If you’ve had a big New Year’s Eve, we offer a gentle reminder to avoid television interviews at all costs!

While a live television cross of drunken, celebrating athletes doesn’t wash with the general population as well as it used to – the reaction to the Australian cricket team’s fairly tame booze-fuelled antics after the 2015 World Cup final being a prime example – this nugget from 20 years ago is priceless.

The Knights’ last-minute 22-16 defeat of Manly in the 1997 grand final sent the city of Newcastle into party mode…and the brilliant Johns brothers were the ringleaders.

Still in full swing the next morning, Matty Johns had trouble stringing his sentences together when interviewed by Channel 7’s Natalie Barr, but managed to emphatically declare that winning the premiership was “better than Lego!” – several times.

[YouTube – Rugby League Best Of]

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