Tuesday 23 January 2018 / 01:27 AM

Lockyer drops C-bomb on live TV

Someone alert the Broadcasting Standards Authority!

Rugby league icon Darren Lockyer is in his third season of retirement – and his third as a media commentator. But the ice-cool Broncos legend is still far from the smoothest operator in front of the camera, as this mini-gaffe from The Sunday Footy Show demonstrates.

Mixing up words while talking about drop-punts and drop-kicks, Lockyer – whose only slip-up as one of the code’s greatest ambassadors was his infamous and crass ‘Raper’ joke in the wake of the Bulldogs’ Coffs Harbour scandal in 2004 – inadvertently utters arguably the most offensive word in the English language.

I can sympathise with ‘Locky’, however, as this incident reminded me of a painful time at high school when I had to read aloud a textbook passage about New Zealand mining, and bungled the first letters while talking about the Huntly coalmines.

Still, it’s worth a watch to see Brad Fittler squirm uncomfortably as Lockyer carries on in typically unflappable style. 

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