Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 04:37 AM

Johnson’s epic chase-down

Is this Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland or the Sahara desert? You could have fooled us. We thought for a second that this could have been a cheetah running down a gangly old giraffe over in Africa. But it isn’t. It’s New Zealand Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson mowing down six-foot, five-inch Sydney Roosters winger Daniel Tupou in last weekend’s round of the NRL.

Johnson’s effort would eventually be rendered pointless as the Roosters racked up a cricket score against the home side, but the speed of the Kiwi star was there for all to see.

The playmaker gives Tupou at least 10 metres start but snaps him up well before the State of Origin winger can cross for the opening try of the match.

A spectacular effort from an amazing talent.


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