Saturday 20 January 2018 / 06:09 PM

Hunt leaves Lockyer hanging

Ben Hunt is the Brisbane Broncos’ undisputed linchpin, following in the footsteps of Lewis, Langer and Lockyer. But does the No.7 livewire already consider himself a class above the club legends?

Hunt was interviewed by Lockyer, Channel Nine’s master of monotone, following the Broncos’ pulsating 16-12 qualifying final defeat of North Queensland, before brushing the all-time great’s handshake request.

It was, of course, an honest mistake by Hunt, but the super-cool Lockyer covered up the awkward moment…kind of…by slapping the current Broncos match-winner on the back.

The gaffe came only a matter of weeks after the Monday Night With Matty Johns team profiled some of the most notable handshake and high-five fails from around the globe – headlined by Mark Gasnier’s unforgettable snub of Cooper Cronk.

[YouTube – NZAUTV Rugby League]

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