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The Hayne Plane crashed and burned on Wednesday night, floored by incomprehensible arrogance and unparalleled selfishness.

Jarryd Hayne almost single-handedly cost New South Wales the game and the series. If he isn’t dumped for the decider at Suncorp in three weeks, it is an indictment on Laurie Daley.

Anyone who knows anything about sport could tell a long way back that Jarryd Hayne only cared about one thing … Jarryd Hayne.

It is always about his glory, his stats, his achievements, his money. Parramatta won’t take him back now because of the insidious culture he created. Gold Coast coach Neil Henry wants him gone. His “dream” of playing in the NFL lasted just a year, but a lot longer than his “dream” of playing Rugby Sevens for Fiji.

Every move. Every act. It is all about Jarryd Hayne.

And so it was on Wednesday night where his arrogance, selfishness and utter stupidity murdered the Blues.

The most costly play was no doubt his dummy that cost the Blues a 20-6 lead. Brett Morris was unmarked and only needed to run 10 metres. He would have strolled in. Hayne, to nobody’s surprise, went himself. If the Blues got to a 20-6 lead, the match was over.

His second half was a total mess. He missed key tackles on both Queensland tries. He turned possession over when the Blues were on the attack with a ridiculous behind-the-back pass. He gave away some moronic penalties.

If Hayne was one-tenth the player he believes himself to be, he would be one hell of a footballer.

The truth of the matter is, as visually pleasing as Hayne can be sometimes, he has been a loser everywhere he has been. The Eels won numerous spoons on his watch. The Titans are worse for his arrival. Even the San Francisco 49ers were the worst team in the NFL when he was there.

Hayne is simply irredeemable. There is no way to reconcile his own arrogance and the good of any team he plays in.

Laurie Daley must cut bait with Hayne now.

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