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Greatest Origin Finishes No.10: Timmins' field goal

In the week leading up to game one of the 2015 series, we’re counting down the top 10 finishes in State of Origin’s 35-season history – and haven’t there been some stunners?

Kicking off the countdown at No.10 is Origin’s maiden instalment of golden point. History was made at the end of a tense Sydney series opener in 2004, becoming the first State of Origin match to go into extra-time after the scores were locked at 8-all at the end of 80 minutes.

Shaun Timmins scored NSW’s only try in regulation time, while Craig Fitzgibbon landed two goals, negating the unconverted tries scored by Queensland’s Scott Prince and Brent Tate in front of 68,344 fans at ANZ Stadium.

After a string of unsuccessful field goal attempts by both sides, the match-winning play came from an unlikely source. Makeshift five-eighth Timmins hammered a magnificent 38-metre one-pointer between the sticks in the third minute of added time to snatch a 9-8 triumph for the Blues.

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Greatest Origin Finishes No.10: Timmins’ field goal.


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