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Four Nations streaker's epic run

New Zealand and England produced yet another cracking Four Nations Test match in Dunedin on Saturday, but it was beefy, shameless member of the crowd that produced the most impressive charge of the night.

A blow-up under the England posts between Tomkins and Kieran Foran in the latter stages of a gripping contest got the crowd riled up, but the all-in push-and-shove immediately took a backseat to quite possibly the greatest rugby league streak of all time.

A rotund, pants-less fan strode 50 metres, took off his shirt on the run, evaded the first security guard, fended off enough with textbook precision and dived over the try-line at the other end.


The West Coast man was then set upon by several security personnel and will face a heavy fine – but he no doubt earned himself free beers from his mates for life.


Regrettably, there is no quality footage of the barnstorming run – TV producers are instructed to avoid streakers so as to not encourage others – but hopefully this amateur video and our vivid description can paint an adequate picture.

Forsyth Barr Stadium, the state-of-the-art enclosed-roof venue, has been the scene of some of the most memorable streaking moments of recent years.

During a historic Warriors-Broncos NRL trial match in early-2012, former Kiwi great Ruben Wiki – who was on the field as a trainer for the Warriors – memorably produced a sensational cover tackle on a streaker, who then high-tailed it away from three security guards and escaped into the crowd but was captured while trying to scale a fence.



Then earlier this year, a security guard pole-axed a meandering streaker during the All Blacks-England Test in Dunedin, sparking heated public debate in New Zealand regarding the overzealousness of some security staff when apprehending pitch invaders.

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