Saturday 17 March 2018 / 05:15 PM

Fletch and Hindy go bull riding

With the NRL season ending, it also spells the end for all of our favourite rugby league programs.

Monday Night with Matt Johns finished up a few weeks ago, and along with it Fletch and Hindy’s Sunrice Challenge.

As it was the last challenge of the year, Gorden Tallis thought it would be good to get the boys back for the ribbing he copped all year.

Big ‘Gordie’ sent Bryan Fletcher and Nathan Hindmarsh to see the Gill Brothers in Upper Horton to get stuck into a bit of bull riding.

It includes all the usual shocking jokes that somehow manage to make you laugh.

Before getting onto the bulls, ‘Hindy’ and ‘Fletch’ jumped on a couple of donkeys to warm up.

Surprisingly, the donkeys have a bit of kick to them too, but the bulls take the cake.


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