Friday 19 January 2018 / 02:15 PM

Ex-player Anthony Watts boxing debut

Ex-NRL bad boy Anthony Watts recorded a knockout victory in his professional boxing debut.

Watts took on fellow debutant Nick Williams, flooring him to cruise to victory at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast.

The bout lasted only 29 seconds and never looked like going any further.

There seemed to be a mutual dislike between the opponents from the get-go, with both showing outward aggression toward each other before the bell rung.

Unluckily for Williams, he was not able to back it up with Watts providing the better technique.

It seems a growing trend – ex-footballers getting chucked in the ring with the first bloke to throw their hand up.

The only thing that these two blokes had in common was that they were debutants.

Watts is a 100-kilo ball of muscle, bulking up considerable from his playing days as a wiry – and fiery – utility in 52 games for Cronulla and North Queensland, before injuries and off-field indiscretions curtailed his footy career.

Williams had 20 kilograms more on his frame, but didn’t look like he would last the distance if it went that far.

It appears likely that Watts will take on former Sharks teammate Paul Gallen on the Daniel Geale undercard, which will no doubt be a tougher and longer affair.


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