Friday 19 January 2018 / 02:21 PM

Hodgson in trouble for student flat antics

England player Josh Hodgson, who will join the Canberra Raiders in 2015 on a two-year deal, has found himself in hot water for partaking in traditional Dunedin student hi-jinks following his team’s Four Nations loss to New Zealand.

After starting in England’s matches against Samoa and Australia, the classy hooker was a late exclusion from the clash with the Kiwis as coach Steve McNamara opted to carry four forwards on the bench and use Man of Steel Daryl Clark at dummy-half.

Ironically, Clark remarked earlier in the week that the England squad were shocked by the behaviour of drunken Otago students, affectionately known as ‘Scarfies’, when they briefly attended the races in Dunedin on Melbourne Cup day.


But the demoted Hodgson opted to join in the fun, smashing through a door in a flat on Duke Street in the heart of Dunedin’s student area as he was egged on by partygoers. Luckily, they don’t make doors like they used to, and Hodgson emerged for the stunt unscathed – although he will be internally disciplined after footage of the incident went viral.


England management apologised for Hodgson’s antics and arranged to pay for repairs, but we reckon the furore is all a bit of an overreaction. Anyone who has spent a bit of time in a Dunedin student flat knows that this was just a run of the mill Saturday night…if it was an English rugby league star leaving a man-shaped hole in the door, it would have been someone else! 



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