Tuesday 20 March 2018 / 10:58 AM

Carney snapped with the Corby sisters

Todd Carney has taken off to Bali for some respite from his ‘bubbling’ furore, and has apparently found some kindred spirits, with the sacked former Cronulla star photographed hanging out with the Corby sisters, Schapelle and Mercedes.

The picture was forwarded to a media outlet this morning after originally being posted on a private Facebook account. Carney reportedly flew to Bali this week with a mutual friend of the Corby family.

He is still appealing his dismissal from the Sharks, while French Rugby or France-based Super League side Catalans Dragons remain his most likely destinations.

Rumours of a possible code switch with the GWS Giants were laughed off by the AFL club yesterday. The suggestion was ludicrous in the first place – signing a 28-year-old troublemaking serial offender with dodgy hamstrings and no notable background in the code would make the fledgling franchise’s capture of Israel Folau look like the recruitment coup of the millennium.

No doubt Todd and convicted drug smuggler Schapelle, who was released this year after nine years in a Bali jail, will have plenty to talk about – both claim to be misunderstood and not guilty of the indiscretions they were caught red-handed doing, and both somehow have an army sympathisers.



Nothing against Schapelle, and the catch-up is no doubt innocent enough, but is it really in Carney’s best interests to be seen fraternising with a high-profile ex-con still on parole in Bali? If anything, it suggests he will never be able to resist putting himself in situations where things will inevitably go pear-shaped.

He remains a ticking time-bomb for any franchise in any code that is crazy enough to take him on. 

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