Tuesday 23 January 2018 / 09:06 AM

Bird calls Taylor 'dumb c*nt' live in Game III

In Wednesday night’s dead-rubber Greg Bird demonstrated that Origin is mate versus mate; and if you’re on the opposite team, then f*ck you!

Throughout the night Bird had a running battle with Titans teammate Nate Myles. Both guys are tough as an old boot – it’s daunting that they play at the same club.

Throughout the game these two were placed on report for incidents that involved the other; Bird for a dangerous tackle on Myles, and Myles for a stray elbow to Bird’s neck while returning a kick off. To the unfamiliar eye, this duel would have seemed quite odd.

Two opposing players who spend all season together at the Gold Coast Titans, displaying little-to-no respect toward one another.

But that’s Origin.

The Titans also had gigantic forward David Taylor featuring in Game III. The story of Dave’s career has been his incompetent ball control. Unfortunately, he lived up to that reputation on Wednesday.

We were at the game, and we honestly felt horrible for Taylor. You couldn’t accuse him of lacking passion or effort, just that composure to control the pill.

Taylor coughed up two errors on his first three touches – and Bird let him hear about it.

Lucky the referees have microphones.

“That’s two you dumb c*nt, that’s two!”


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