Saturday 17 March 2018 / 05:15 PM

Best dressing room moments

Remember the days as youngster when you could slip your way past the non-existent security and relaxed coaching staff all the way into your favourite team’s dressing sheds?

Well those days are long gone, so thank goodness for the all-seeing eye of modern day broadcasting. With the magic of television we now get to see the players in all their glory, and despite the fact that it sometimes feels like the athletes themselves know ‘Big Brother’ is watching, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying our favourite players in the sacred halls of an NRL dressing room.

Spawned by Canterbury star Josh Reynolds’ outlandish behaviour last Friday where he capped a forgettable evening by kicking a poor plastic chair back to Caxton Street, The Matty Johns Show took a look back at some memorable dressing room moments.

It includes plenty of impressive dance routines and even little Allan Langer shooting out of an Otto bin. Or was it Oscar?




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