Sunday 25 February 2018 / 06:39 AM

Ban lifted on Shane Flanagan: NRL statement

Cronulla Sharks head coach Shane Flanagan has had his suspension lifted and is free to resume his coaching duties immediately.

Nick Weeks, head of the NRL’s Integrity Unit, said they are happy with Shane’s progress thanks to numerous training courses.

NRL’s official statement:


“The NRL has been impressed with Mr Flanagan’s commitment to meeting the conditions set down for his return,” Mr Weeks said.

“Consequently his suspension is lifted and he can return to coaching duties at any time.”


“I have a clearer understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a head coach,” he said.

“That role goes beyond player skills, tactics and game plans – I have a proactive duty to protect the welfare of players and staff and ensure we meet our governance and compliance obligations.

“I now intend to focus on the future and demonstrate that I am the right person to lead the cultural change at the Sharks.

“I am committed to restoring the reputation of the Sharks as a club that everybody in the game can be proud of.”

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