Monday 19 March 2018 / 01:55 PM

Warnie chases sender of banner proposal

When he’s not making masturbation jokes, Shane Warne is busy on the pull from his vantage point in the Channel Nine commentary box.

An electronic banner – via a Commonwealth Bank text promotion at the SCG – displayed the message, “MARRY ME WARNIE”, immediately piquing the spin legend and renowned lothario’s interest.

While emphatically stating he has no desire to get married again, Warne was pretty eager to get a look at his mobile phone suitor.

Among his not-so-subtle responses to the ‘proposal’ were: 

  • “I’m very, very single ‘Tubbs’ (Mark Taylor) despite what anyone else has to say or write. Very, very single – so show us your face!”
  • “Give us a look at your face, where are you? Who put that sign up?”
  • “I’ll be back on my phone in 10 minutes so you can Tweet me or do whatever else. Let’s see some candidates!”

The last remark was followed by Warnie’s raucous laugh. While he still rubs many up the wrong way, Warne’s unapologetic commitment to being himself is what we like about him at Commentary Box Sports – an Aussie larrikin through and through. 


[WATCH: Shane Warne’s masterbation joke on live TV during the First Test against India]

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