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Warner should be heard loud and clear

If Robert Craddock and Malcolm Conn lived by the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything”, neither would have written a column in ten years. I think Dave Warner’s outburst is completely justified. Maybe the language could do with a little bit of a tweak, but he shouldn’t be silenced.

I have watched Robert Craddock on television many times, and read his, and Malcolm Conn’s articles for a number of years, and I can’t remember reading a positive thing from either of them. Their criticisms are neither insightful nor constructive, but they are if anything, constant.

They are out of touch with the game and players of today. They’ve never played in the IPL. They never played 20/20. They may not have played in the professional era. Do they really know, or at best remember what it is like to be in the public eye as a young man? The media pressure, constant travel, living in a glass cage, and the pressure of coming after ‘that’ era.

As they teamed up together to fuel the fire that was Dave Warner, it was painful to read how they milked the story out of someone who is perhaps feeling the pressure of difficult year for Australian cricket. Putting Warner’s picture with an article regarding corruption was a mistake, but these two used their media craftiness, know-how and resources to lure Warner out into a public battle and paint him as a hot-headed boozer. Suddenly he’ll never be Australian captain. Great for the confidence. Great for the team.

Of course the media are aware that any type of backlash from players in question will be beneficial for them, boost their profile. They will always come out on top too, as they have no authority to answer to for such behaviour, in fact it is encourage by newspapers. Where as sportsmen & woman have to answer to their sports governing bodies. This destructive journalism is tarnishing sports across the globe. Journalists claim they are reporting the “real” stories, if so, why not name names instead of insinuating photographs and headlines.

Do these journalists really want Australia back on top? What would they write about? They create commotion and stories. Criticise and ridicule players until their confidence is destroyed, label the rookies as too young and the experienced too old. Can we just make them selectors already? I think they’re getting ready to bring back AB, Lillee and Thommo.

How about talking about the strengths we have in the team. Shane Watson is finding some form and the English batsmen certainly looked a little shaky against New Zealand. Or even just saying I love Australian Cricket before tearing it to pieces each time.

They’ve managed to cost Warner a little over 5 and half thousand and sold a few more papers. If they have to criticise at every possible moment, provide some solutions, look for some positives, or at least offer to host the wake for the funeral of Australian cricket before we move onto baseball.

After all, there are reasons we all refer to journalists work as “Stories”.

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