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Urthboy's poignant tribute to Phil Hughes

This week was destined to be a tough one for the Australian cricketing fraternity, and the nation as a whole. One year ago on Wednesday, Phil Hughes was struck on the back of the head by a cricket ball while playing for NSW and placed in an induced coma.

Two days later, on November 27th, the 25-year-old Test star died from his injuries.

The popular Hughes’ memory has loomed large over the game during the past 12 months, and the anniversary of his tragic death has opened up still-healing emotional scars.

But arguably the most touching tribute to Hughes has come from an unlikely source: Sydney hip-hop MC Urthboy.

One of Australia’s most prominent hip-hop artists thanks to catchy singles such as ‘We Get Around’, ‘Hellsong’ and ‘Knee-length Socks’, Urthboy released a song named ‘Nambucca Boy’ this week as a homage to the late Hughes.

The poignant track name-checks cricketing greats as disparate as Don Bradman and Dale Steyn while detailing Hughes’ sporting journey.

The YouTube clip of ‘Nambucca Boy’, which simply features a photo of a cricket bat with a NSW cap hanging off the handle,  carries the message, ‘Dedicated to Phil Hughes’ family’.

[YouTube – Elefant Traks]

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